My name is Jovino Margathe. I am a foodie, gamer, blogger, web developer, as well as programmer among many things. I currently live in Melbourne with my amazing wife who is patient enough to bear with me playing games and busying myself with computer.

I mainly work as a web developer and programmer, developing websites and translating designs into fully functional websites, working with clients, as well as doing small side projects (mainly personal, though). I place emphasis on the user experience and use any tools available to me to get the job done right.

On my free time (if I ever have any), I usually play games, blog, cook food, or travel and sightseeing with my lovely wife. I am also actively involved in a church within my community here. If you would like to know more about me, feel free to read on things that I do, stuffs that I’m good at, and some of my hobbies. Or you can simply contact me instead using the form below: