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Writings on the Blog

Opinions, thoughts, and reviews I’ve written over the years. It’s mostly about games, as I play games for leisure, but on a rare occasion, I also write about programming and personal stuff.

Japan with Kids: Tokyo Day #2

On our first day, we managed to walk more than 25km on a single day, visiting Shibuya, Meiji-Jingu, and Omotesando. Initially, we planned to go somewhere else, but due to weather conditions, on our second day, we went to Sunshine City in Ikebukuro instead, visiting Pokemon Center and the Sunshine Aquarium.

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Review: Papers, Please (Steam)

A couple of weeks ago, I read in one of the gaming blog about a game that piqued my interest, a game about being an immigration officer. The game is called Papers, Please. At first glance, Papers, Please seems like your standard average and so-so game that doesn't...

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Review: SteamWorld Dig (3DS eShop)

As a gamer, every once in a while I get to play interesting games. Some are quite bad, others are good. SteamWorld Dig definitely belongs to the good ones, and I'm pretty sure almost all of the other reviews or gamer blogs agree. SteamWorld Dig is an action-platformer...

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What Certificates Do You Have?

Just like many of us do, I sometimes clean up my email inbox. I usually open my spam folder to see which email got designated as spam, and to check whether it is truly a spam or not. This week when I open my spam folder, I got an interesting email: an offer for scrum...

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The Brokenness of myki

Over the past two or three years, I have been using Victoria's "new" ticketing card, myki. I knew it is broken from the first time I used it, but I had not realise how fundamentally broken it is until I came back from my trip to Gold Coast. As most of Melbournians...

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Review: Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 (DS)

Hey there! As usual, it's been a long time (half a year, actually) since my last post. Over these six months I have been up to various things, moving workplaces, setting up a new blog, getting married, moving in together, settling in, as well as the usual playing...

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EF 4.1 Code-first: Executing Stored Procedure

Since I worked in my company, I was required to learn a lot of stuffs. One of the basic things to learn was to adapt from my mostly used Java programming language to C#, along with the proper MVC platform. Of course, .NET MVC, being a platform (for vocabulary nazis, I...

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Nintendo 3DS Launched in Australia

Hi guys. I actually was planning to write a post yesterday, but something came up. Yep, the official launch of the Nintendo 3DS in Australia. As most of you would already know about, Nintendo 3DS is the successor of the highly successful portable gaming console,...

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