Adara Hotels and Apartments

Adara is a hotel and apartment chain based in Sydney and Melbourne, providing serviced apartments and facilities for business and personal alike. Initially, Adara had three different websites, one for each property, and was used as an online booking platform.

Project Overview

Adara Hotels and Apartments website was created to consolidate the information on all three different properties, so that their customers are not being redirected to each of the property websites, and minimises the confusion. Under this new website, each of the property websites were converted into a “mini-site”.

Although I have previously managed several projects on my own, this project was the first time I was in charge of managing not only the development, but the entire process of management (including requirements, client liaison, and managing client expectation). During this project I delegated and reassigned tasks to our developers, and as I was also proficient with WordPress development, I was responsible for architecting the solution that works.

Originally, I proposed the solution that the booking engine should also be consolidated to a single URL, such as to avoid confusion, and it would make it easier to track the conversions. However due to the limitation on the Levart platform (which is the platform being used for the booking engine), we had no choice but to stay with three separate booking engines, one for each property.

Adara Hotels and Apartments website was completed at the end of August 2014.

eFAQ Solutions


Adara, developed under Scorch

Project Status

Developed from July 2014 – August 2014

Tech Stack

PHP, WordPress, custom theme and widgets, HTML, CSS, JavaScript