Motoring is the editorial branch of the carsales network, specifically focusing on cars news, articles, and features. It contains many editorial contents, reviews, and videos of cars, and vehicles alike.

Project Overview

Motoring website, as the editorial arm of the carsales network, were in need of a rebuild. Despite the previous website having a massive amount of good in-depth content, because the previous website was not properly optimised, it failed on the search engine front. This coupled with an outdated web design, and the difficulty from editors to easily put their content in, prompted carsales to rebuilt the entire website using an entirely different framework.

During the development of the website, I was responsible for helping to develop the WordPress-based template with advanced functionalities. What initially began as a fairly standard WordPress build soon became a bigger task than what I was expected. There are integrations to be done with the old legacy system, as well as their ads platform. This is on top of the front-end development that I had to do to translate the design template.

As one of the focus of the development was to enable Motoring to have better search engine visibility, I had to implement fully-customised routing rules that will suit the URL structure being recommended by the SEO agency. This also comes with an automated sitemap generation, as well as speed optimisations to ensure the assets are minimised as much as possible.

This is one of the biggest projects that I’ve ever taken, lasting for around 9 months to completion.

The Motoring website was completed and launched in January 2016.

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Developed for carsales

Project Status

Developed from March 2015 – January 2016

Tech Stack

PHP, WordPress, custom theme and widgets, HTML, CSS, JavaScript