Remarket360 is a self-managed email marketing and SMS blast service for customers. It provides a self-managed portal for the customer to manage their online campaigns, although option for a managed subscription exist. It is similar to other email and SMS marketing providers such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor.

Project Overview

Remarket360 was conceptualised and built from the ground up by Scorch, including the workflow and strategy involved in delivering an effective email marketing and SMS blast service. It uses embedded images (instead of linked image/hosted image) on every single mail piece being sent, and as a result, it doesn’t require the end user (email recipients) to “download images” (although, Gmail now shows and auto-download images by default). The drawback of this feature is that the email size is heavily dependent on the number of images being embedded. During my time as the lead developer, in general, the average size of a mailpiece was about 750KB.

Remarket360 was built on ASP.NET in Visual Basic (with LINQ to SQL) and using SQL Server as its database backend. It uses Bootstrap framework for user interface layout and uses various third-party and custom-developed programs to accommodate its workflow. I took over the development for Remarket360 after their main developer left the company. Since then, I have introduced a lot of improvements:Automated campaign scheduling and campaign execution

  1. Automated campaign scheduling and campaign execution
  2. Providing endpoint API for customers to be able to integrate to Remarket360 database using a web service built on ServiceStack
  3. Optimising the database with indexes and triggers to improve search efficiency, especially since the database contains more than 650k email addresses and more than 10 million email records
  4. Integration with Litmus email analytics, combined with Remarket360’s own tracking engine

Apart from the web front-end, Remarket360 also utilises various command-line programs. These command-line programs are built on either C# or VB.NET to allow for either process automation or campaign execution. Some of these programs are as follows:

  • Mailerpiece, responsible for sending out the emails to the mail relay servers, as well as sending out SMS messages
  • List generator, a tool that can help to filter out the list of email recipients and scheduling the campaigns for customers that opted for managed subscription
  • Command centre, responsible for monitoring the progress of a campaign, as well as executing the mailerpiece when a campaign is due to run
  • Proxy monitor, responsible for reporting if any of the mail relay servers used to send emails are having problems sending the email queue

Some of the major customers for Remarket360 are Healthy Life, Swimart, and Godwin Charli.

At the moment, Remarket360 account is available upon request to Scorch.

eFAQ Solutions


Developed under Scorch for external clients

Project Status

Took over development from December 2012 – September 2015

Tech Stack

ASP.NET, LINQ, SQL Server, C#, VB.NET, various third-party components and services, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap


Remarket360 account is only available on request