Taltarni Indulgent Island Escape

Taltarni Indulgent Island Escape is a campaign ran by Scorch on behalf of Taltarni for entrants to be able to enter the competition to be in a draw for Hamilton Island escape. This is a one-off campaign that lasted for several months earlier in the year 2014. One of the goals of this campaign is to drive traffic not only to Taltarni website but also exposes the brand to their potential customers.

Project Overview

Another goal of the campaign is to measure their marketing strategy for both physical and digital space. Taltarni not only advertised the campaign on social media (i.e. digital marketing) but also created neck-tags for their wines, each having a QR code that links back to the website competition. The website, although uses the same engine, was tracking from two different channels: physical and digital traffic.

In order to track two different traffic source, I designed two different URL, one for the physical traffic, and one for the digital traffic. The reasoning behind this is that the QR code embedded in each neck-tag will drive traffic to one URL, while the digital marketing will use a different URL to promote the campaign, and because the website is essentially using the same engine (and connecting to the same database), Taltarni did not lose any entries. It was a success and Taltarni was able to measure the effectiveness of their physical and digital marketing strategy.

The campaign was also connected to their Facebook page, and although we initially had some problems due to Facebook’s restriction over alcohol-related content, we were able to circumvent the issue by modifying the design and wording.

Although I did not develop the engine myself, I was responsible for designing the architecture of the system, as well as delegating tasks to other developers.

The campaign for Taltarni Indulgent Island Escape ended at the end of May 2014.

eFAQ Solutions


Taltarni, developed under Scorch

Project Status

Developed from January 2014 – March 2014

Tech Stack

ASP.NET, SQL Server, jQuery, HTML, CSS