Hi guys. I actually was planning to write a post yesterday, but something came up. Yep, the official launch of the Nintendo 3DS in Australia. As most of you would already know about, Nintendo 3DS is the successor of the highly successful portable gaming console, Nintendo DS (and it’s subsequent rebrand of DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL), which by 2011, has sold more than millions of units, not counting the games. As a true avid gamer, I personally wanted the 3DS, not only because of its features, but also because Nintendo will ultimately move to 3DS anyway.

I got an invitation to the launch party in EB Games Swanston street. The launch party is held from 10PM on 30 March 2011, and by 12.01AM on 31 March 2011, they will roll out the 3DS units. I was actually expecting a massive line-up for the 3DS, but it seems that everyone just get their own number, and join the party. Oh yeah, when I say party, I mean party.


My queue number for picking up the 3DS

Nintendo ExperienceNintendo Experience

The Nintendo Experience booth on 2nd floor was packed

They do cater the people who came for the party. At the Nintendo Experience (2nd floor dedicated to Nintendo), there are lots of people, with balloons, games, and of course, the 3DS, complete with the babes, although the 3DS is not chained to them like they usually do. We also get served by a good catering, providing both savoury and sweet snacks like pies, cupcakes, and even Peking duck (or at least that’s what I heard)! I also met few cosplayers, one as Pikachu (I was VERY tempted to say “Can I peek-at-chyouuu?”), and the other one dressed as Link from the Zelda games!


Cupcakes! Most of the girls in the launch party had at least two of these

Female Link

Link, complete with his her costume, shield, bow and sword

Ultimately we had to line up to pick up our consoles. And there was a door prize draw for winning a brand new Nintendo 3DS for FREE. I get my hopes up when they say the number, but I missed by 7 entries! Come on! The one who won the 3DS was, well, surprise, surprise, Link!

Nintendo 3DS

My Cosmos Black Nintendo 3DS. Yes, I still believe black is the new white.

Anyhow, since it was already past midnight, I had to go back and take some rest, since the next day I have to go to work. I did get a chance to play the 3DS before, though, and I have to tell you that, like what EB Games said, to believe it, you would have to see it. Except maybe, they forgot to put the word yourself. See you next post…!