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Writings on the Blog

Opinions, thoughts, and reviews I’ve written over the years. It’s mostly about games, as I play games for leisure, but on a rare occasion, I also write about programming and personal stuff.

A Trip Home (Part 2)

Hi guys! A little while ago I posted about my trip home to Indonesia and holiday to China, along with my family. It was a good trip and I really enjoyed it. I needed to go back to Indonesia for the police and character check for applying for permanent residency in...

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A Trip Home

It’s been some time since I last post here. Well, I was actually overseas for several weeks and had been back in Melbourne for few weeks as well. I’ve been looking for a job as well, and so far I only landed being a part-time employee in Swinburne University (which is...

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Review: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS)

I’m an avid RPG gamer, and judging from the countless posts I’ve made mentioning this, I can assure you that. Lately, there’s only so much RPG games that you can play AND actually enjoy. The numbers are lower when it gets to traditional good ol’ RPG game. Things were...

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The Nintendo 3DS

As everyone have guessed, Nintendo unveiled their upcoming handheld console in E3 2010. Yesterday (or rather, this morning), I watched the presentation in live streaming from E3. Nintendo itself brought back many games, some of it are old games, not remakes, but new...

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Review: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)

Over the last couple of weeks, well actually before my exams week, I decided to give it a go on Final Fantasy XIII. It was always been a tough decision (well, not exactly) for me to play this game, since all the news that gives this incarnation of the game a bad name....

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On the Origin of Series: Suikoden

For most people, especially gamers, the first game that they played tend to have a special meaning in their hearts. And when that game belongs to a series, it gets multiplied. The same can be said for me. I was and still am a gamer, although my maturity set me some...

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An Insight to the World of Open Source

As computers become more and more attached and rooted into our daily life, we started to know that the world of computer is indeed deeper than what we might think. Lately the term open source software became popular in recent years, since the dawn of the Ubuntu in...

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