ROAD Extension
Developed from June 2010 – March 2011, the ROAD Extension project has been completed and now maintained by its own developer

The ROAD Extensions project is a series of different small applications designed to extend the capabilities of the self-managed ROAD composites, which are the main implementation of the ROAD project.

The ROAD project aims to build a fully self-managed system governed by a set of XML descriptors to be able to adapt to changing requirement in a runtime environment.

The ROAD Extensions project extended the functionality of the self-managed composites generated from ROADfactory with several new capabilities, the most prominent one is the ability to load and define business rules through the use of JBoss Drools, which will be loaded during the creation of a new composite. The ROAD Extensions project also add a new capability to enforce access control protocol using XACML to either allow or restrict certain endpoints to make changes to the current composite. It also adds the capability of the ROAD composite to load Java classes during runtime dynamically.

At the time when I finished developing for Swinburne CS3, they had plans to submit the ROAD project to Apache Incubator.


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March 1, 2011