Developed from June 2011 – September 2011, the LogL Online Logbook website has been completed and now maintained by its own developer
MoxieMax, developed under Mentor Technology

LogL is an online system that provides the capability of logging the hours online for the Australian driving logbook, and is intended to provide a simpler way for new drivers in Australia to record their hours. It is able to record the logbook through a centralised database, and check the validity of the logbook.

LogL also provides a very useful learning system where users can learn and view the National Road Rules, as well as taking practice tests and preparing themselves for the drivers’ licence test in Australia.

During the development, I worked within a team and was responsible for reworking and extending the logbook functionality to fit into the .NET MVC architecture, using jQuery as the front-end library, as well as providing reporting capabilities using the statistics captured from the logbook records.

LogL project is aimed towards new drivers and drivers holding Learner’s Permit, however the site itself is accessible to people from different age groups and experience.

LogL was completed in September 2011, and is currently online.


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November 1, 2011